Legal advice for life

From beginnings and transitions to transactions and endings

Relying on the guidance and advice of an experienced, compassionate lawyer is not limited to high-powered business people, politicians… or hardened criminals. In today’s world, people of all types of backgrounds can and do benefit from legal counsel at one time or another in their lifetime. Parents, employers, employees, entrepreneurs, spouses, partners, homeowners, adults, children, neighbours, community members all wisely seek out professional legal advice to help them achieve their goals and protect their successes---at every stage of their lives.

And here’s an example of how and when you can benefit from legal guidance in the following life stages.



Such as relationships, business start-ups, residential or commercial purchases or sales.

Virtually every new major event, life involves some type of contract or agreement---from a pre-nuptial to the purchase of financing of a new house to the launch of a new business venture. Having our firm oversee the details of such a big step will only help ensure that it’s the right step for you and everyone involved.


Transitions and transactions

Such as contracts, agreements, partnerships

Life equals change. And change is often riddled with fear. Mathieu Quesnel, PC can help ease life’s transitions and transactions, including changes in your career, residence, business, relationships and ownerships of property; all by protecting you and everything and everyone that’s important to you.



Such as wills, Power of Attorney, successions, estates

Whether you’re faced with the passing of a life or a livelihood, of a dream or disaster, you will be better equipped to focus on new beginnings with the professional guidance of Mathieu Quesnel, PC. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to claim the greatest victory of all: confidence in your choices and in your decisions. That’s the type of happy ending that our firm strives to produce for each and every client.

Mathieu Quesnel is committed to providing his clients with peace of mind wherever and whenever it’s needed.

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