Organizational planning is the key to business success. The incorporation of a business is a step to consider whether you are starting out or thinking of changing the structure of your organization.

There are many types of structures a business can choose. A business structure can significantly impact fiscal and legal obligations on its owners towards third parties.

Corporate law is part of business, and impacts every aspect of its activities. Mathieu Quesnel Professional Corporation possesses the knowledge, skills and abilities to help you plan the incorporation of your company.

Why should you choose to incorporate your business?

There are many advantages to incorporating your business. The creation of a corporation limits the liability of the proprietor to the statutory obligations created by the federal and provincial laws, which can, in certain situations, protect the proprietor against being held responsible for the debts of the corporation. In addition, the incorporation can let you deal with income control, which translates to legitimate tax advantages.

The Canada Business Corporation Act governs a federal corporation and its legislative obligations while a provincial corporation is governed by the Business Corporations Act.

Services offered by Mathieu Quesnel Professional Corporation:

  • Incorporation at the federal or provincial level;
  • The drafting and reviewing of business contracts;
  • The drafting and enforcement of covenants for shareholders;
  • Preparation of shareholder agreements;
  • The structuring of corporations, including customizing articles of incorporation and by-laws;
  • Financing of your business;
  • Merging two or more corporations;
  • Acquisition of a business or assets;
  • Preparing your annual resolutions;
  • Updating your minute book;
  • Reorganization of your corporation;
  • The sale or purchase of a business; and
  • The management of the corporation’s administrative and legal documentation.

Whether you are a small, medium or large business, Mathieu Quesnel Professional Corporation has valuable experience in corporate law and can assist you in your business venture. They will provide you with a personalized approach customized to of your business needs.


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