Administration of the estate

Choosing an estate trustee is an important step in the preparation of your will. An estate trustee can have a difficult and complex task; the law stipulates that the people named executors in a will have the right to obtain compensation for their services according to established standards.

Estate trustees have a defined role in the administration of the estate and many legal obligations can render them personally responsible if an estate is not properly managed. For more information on the responsibilities and duties of an estate trustee, it would be appropriate to consult with a lawyer.

Mathieu Quesnel Professional Corporation provides support to the estate trustee’s administrators by guiding and advising them in their decision process. They can provide help at every step of the estate process.

Certificate of appointment of estate trustee

An estate trustee may be legally obliged to make an application to obtain a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee in certain circumstances. This document is issued by the court and proves the authority of the executor to administer a will. A lawyer is in the best position to provide legal advice about whether or not it is necessary to obtain a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee.

In addition, it is important to be aware that the federal government requires the estate to pay an estate administration tax at the following rate: $5 per $1,000 for the first $50,000 of estate value and $15 per $1,000 for the estate value in excess of $50,000. For more information or to better understand this tax, please consult a lawyer.


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