Purchases and sales

Acquiring or selling real estate is one of the most important investments a person will make in his/her life. Legal advice is essential to deal with the financial gains but also with possible risks and other challenges of real estate investments. The writing and drafting of a Purchase and Sale Agreement, the application of the law to the relevant facts or the zoning restrictions are a few of the many challenges that arise when buying or selling a residential or commercial property.

With extensive knowledge in real estate law, our firm has the resources and experience to help you throughout this process and can efficiently assist you in the process of buying and selling a home.

By providing a wide range of services for sellers and buyers in all aspects of residential and commercial real estate, Mathieu Quesnel Professional Corporation will facilitate your real estate transactions while providing an experience that will meet your needs.


Mathieu Quesnel Professional Corporation also provides legal services in the field of mortgage financing. The contacts within the financial community that Mathieu Quesnel has acquired enable him to facilitate loans on your behalf.  With hands-on knowledge of the financing and transaction process of real estate law, his firm can effectively review mortgages and other loan related documents. Mathieu Quesnel will review every aspect of your transaction and protect your interests in order to maximize the value of your transaction.

Whether you are a creditor, an investor or in need of a mortgage, Mathieu Quesnel Professional Corporation can provide comprehensive advice and tools in order to expedite your real estate transaction, allowing you to understand the process and the requirements involved in the purchase or sale of a home while providing you with peace of mind.


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