The choice is yours

Choosing your career. Choosing your life partner. Choosing where you will live and work. Life-making or life-altering choices are a lot like the facts involved in choosing a lawyer. Topping that list of considerations when choosing legal services; Accessibility, expertise and commitment to not only you, the client, but also to the community you share.

By choosing our firm, you can be sure that you have made the wisest legal choice for yourself, your family, your business and/or your organization. Here is why Mathieu Quesnel Professional Corporation, with extensive experience in wills, Powers of Attorney, mortgages and real estate, business and corporate affairs deserves to be YOUR legal services provider of choice.


Nowadays, clients have every right to know and understand the “why” behind the legal advice they receive. Our firm takes the mystery out of the law by explaining what is in the best interest of the client and why.

From detailing the purpose of a will to forecasting the implications of a signed document, taking the time to share our experience and knowledge, and to answer questions from our clients has proven to be the key to our thriving firm’s success. The end result is always worthwhile: a happier, more confident client.


At a time when you may be at your most vulnerable, you need the support of a real person and not a faceless name on a business card. If you want quick, reasonably priced, professional legal services from a lawyer you can actually speak to when you need to, then Mathieu Quesnel Professional Corporation is your obvious choice.

Bigger is not always better — especially when it comes to choosing a law firm. Since being admitted to the Bar in 2003, Mathieu Quesnel has put emphasis on providing ALL of his clients — big, small, new and matured —with the same friendly, fast, convenient, confidential and clear-cut access to his professional services and experience. No mumbo-jumbo, no runaround, no problem. Our firm is committed to providing its clients with peace of mind wherever and whenever it is needed.


Our firm is not only community-based, it is community-minded; and proudly so. From sponsoring local charities to participating in local fundraisers, the founder of the firm, Mathieu Quesnel, is a keen believer in thinking globally and acting locally. While confidentiality and discretion are always assured, the “hometown” advantage of the firm works in their clients’ favour. They can confidently choose this local firm knowing Mathieu Quesnel and his dedicated team share in their commitment to the community.

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